Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keeping it Green

The Pinery Golf Maintenance department prides it's self on being GREEN. And I don't mean the color of the grass. Over the past few years we have taken our green/organic turf program and brought that philosophy into the shop. Some of the green thinking ideas that we have implemented are as follows.

  • A paper, cardboard, plastic, old magazine's, aluminium and tin can recycling center. We have recycle trash cans located all over the shop. We also recycle all those empty beer cans and water bottles off the course. Believe it or not we actually generate more recycled product than normal trash now.
  • A efficient hot water on demand water heater that saves on propane and water. And the hot water is limitless. We have seen a reduction of our propane over the last year.
  • A metal recycle program that contains all of the metal collected over the year. Such as old bed knives, reels, rollers and miscellaneous scrap metal. We bring all the scrap metal to a recycle center once a year where it is melted down to make new steel products. Maybe even your new car, or your steel shaft clubs.
  • Recycling of old tires to a local tire plant. These tires can be shredded and colored for mulch or used for topdressing on artificial turf fields.
  • Recycling used oil and hydraulic filters the paper liner is burned and the metal in the filter is recycled. These old filters would usually end up in the trash, contaminating our land fills and water sources.
  • Most recently we have added a organic parts washer that is environmental friendly, non flammable, Bio-Degradable, non toxic, safer for human contact and cheaper to operate per year.