Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bunker Drainage

Now with a full crew and aerification in our rear view mirror we have started on our bunker drainage project. The bunker drainage project will be a ongoing project for the next few years. Most of the work will be in our shoulder seasons like spring and fall. We have identified many bunkers that have inadequate drainage. We will work on them in order of priority. This is a long tedious process because all the work has to be done by hand. First we find the main drain line then remove the sand from those areas. When we find the drain we now can start to add herringbone drains to the main. For example the right hand bunker on #18 only had one main drain down the center. Now the bunker has nine herringbone drains attached to the main drain.
The addition of the drains will help drain the water from irrigation events and any rain fall.

Bunker #18
Only one drainage trench down the middle of the bunker

Adding herringbone drains off of main

Finished herringbone drain on chipping green bunker

Sod is Down

Our sod for #9 and our tees was laid this Monday. So far every thing looks great we just need some warmer weather for the sod to take root. As soon at the new sod is established we will be open for play. I hope to have the tees and #9 open by Memorial Day weekend. It is all up to mother nature now, lets hope she will be on our side. In addition to the sod on #9 we added over 400 foot of drainage to the end of the fairway. The addition of this drainage will let the fairway drain properly. All the old drainage from many years ago was no longer working, so with the construction of the gully it was a perfect time to add the new drainage.

Final grade on #9

After sod was laid

Drainage end of #9 Fairway