Friday, February 22, 2013


About six years ago we started our recycle program. The program started at our Golf Maintenance Facility in attempt better our environmental footprint. Our recycle program started as a small  pile of scrap metal that we brought to the recycle center yearly. Then grew to  recycle bins all over our building including recycling the waste from the courses trash cans. We now have multiple ways to recycle most of our waste in  small  and large containers. The amount of products that we can recycle are endless from magazines,  scrap metal, alkaline/rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs/tubes and much more. 

Below are some links to better educate you on recycling and locations to drop off your waste.

Lets all do our part to help protect Mother Earth. 

Earth 911 is a search site to locate recycling centers in your area

The Big Green Box is a company that specializes in recycling household  alkaline batteries, and electronics

The Home Depot will recycle CFL bulbs and rechargeable batteries free of charge

Lowes will  recycle CFL bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and more free of charge

Best Buy will recycle most electronics, rechargeable batteries, print cartridges and more for free

Batteries plus will recycle rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs, CFL tubes and more

Waste Management

Douglas County Household Hazardous waste recycle Program

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drone Mapper

Last fall the Pinery had the opportunity  to lend our property for aerial imagery from a few local companies called Drone Mapper,  Compass Data INC and Falcon UAV. These companies work together and specialize in the generation of geo-reference points and digital elevations from aerial images taken from UAV's. They also operate a innovative software system that allows the UAV to upload their imagery through a web based interface. The data gathered is very detailed and  the software that runs the imagery is equally detailed.  The  images taken of the Pinery will help us map our irrigation system, measure distances and square footage's of specific areas. This data that was gathered is going to be very helpful information for future  Pinery projects. Thanks to Drone Mapper for letting us use the images and data for making our mapping project possible

The Pinery Country Club  
aerial images

Monday, February 4, 2013

Amiad Filter

Last week we did our annual inspection of our Amiad filter in our pump station.  This filter cleans the irrigation water with a 300 micron screen that is self cleaning with internal brushes. The filter runs several times during a irrigation cycle keeping  contaminates form entering the system.  Thankfully we only have to to inspect  this filter every 5 years because of the weight and size of the filter.  When we designed  the pump station we purposely  built 12 foot tall ceilings so we can remove the top of the filter and the internal screen, as you can see from the picture below the  filter is seven feet tall. To remove the top of the filter we added a small pulley to the ceiling and attached the top of the filter with steel cables and a come-along  so  we could lift off the top of the filter more easily. Our inspection of the filter and brushes was encouraging,   only a slight cleaning of both. After re-assembling  the filter  we charged the station back up to check for leaks, so far so good, no leeks and the filter is running properly.

Removing top and brushes with pulley system 

Internal Brushes

Internal stainless screen