Thursday, September 19, 2013

Duckweed Bloom

A few weeks ago we had a duckweed bloom in two of our lakes literally overnight?
Of course this was just before labor day.  Fortunately we had some aquatic herbicide Cutter in the chemical storage room. Cutter went down at 1 lb/ per surface acre tank mixed with a surfacent at 100 oz/ acre. The products were sprayed with a spray gun (large droplet size to prevent drifting) covering the entire lake surface.  The next day there was no change and I was a bit upset, but on the third day the duckweed was 1/2 gone and the fourth day so long duckweed!

Below are some before and after pictures. 

August 29th

 September 2nd  Labor day

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1000 Year Storm?

The latest weather that passed through Colorado over the last seven days gave way to a 1 in 1000 weather event. Which actually means that there is a .1% chance of a storm event like that happening yearly, so its very rare.  This type of storm event is actually  called Return Period  Event.  This does not mean that a 1000 year storm happens regularly every 1000 years. It means the probability of a 1000 year storm has a .1% chance of happening yearly.  These storm events are calculated by  NOAA with historical records and statistical models. Most weather records only go back to the 1870's. So a statistical model or unobserved event is used to predict the severity of that event so NOAA can  label such large historic storms.

Below is a link from NOAA on the 7 day rain totals.