Monday, March 9, 2015

Honey Bee Swarm

All over the news this weekend was a  story about a honey bee swarm during baseball spring training.

Notice they bring in a bee keeper to save and relocate  the honey bees.  He is spraying the bees with a sugar water mix to keep the honey bees calm.

Check out the link on USA Today

Spring Training Honey Bee Swarm

Planting a Future

Great article and video on the monarch butterfly from CBS Sunday Morning.

Check out the link below

CBS News

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Double Jar Feeder

The picture above is our double jar feeder that we made. This feeder will be filled with a 50/50 mix of water and sugar for the bees to eat when they first arrive in the hive. The reason for the feeder is so the bees get acclimated to the new hive and queen.  Once the bees are comfortable in the hive the jar will be removed from the top box and the bees will roam for  their own for food.

Warre Honey Bee Hive

This is our First Warre Honey Bee hive. The Warre hive is known as the peoples hive for its easy upkeep and happy honey bees.  Happy bees make good honey!

Pinery Pollinators

Image result for honey bee logo
                          Pinery Pollinators
                                                               Pinery Honey Bee/Butterfly Habitat, Tread Lightly

Come follow our adventure into the world of pollinators. This year we are creating new honey bee and butterfly habitats in the native areas on the golf course.