Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Mow Outs

Just recently we started some new mow outs and changed some others. This gives a little different look to the golf course surrounds, and different shot selections for our members. Some of the areas that were rough height at 2 inches were brought down to IR (intermediate rough) at a height 7/16 if a inch. Other areas that were IR height we brought down to tee and approach height .300 of a inch. These areas will be seeded and top dressed to their corresponding grass either bent grass or blue grass. The approach areas will be seeded to bent and the IR areas to Blue grass.

Below is a list of holes where we have added or changed mow outs. These new mow out should add to the golfers experience giving different playability for each area. Now you have a choice to putt, chip, or bump and run. Have fun!

- #1, #4, #6, #9 Lake Course
- #13, #18 Valley course
- #1, #3 Mountain course

Back of #1 lake course

Left of # 4 lake course