Friday, October 2, 2009

Frosty Mornings

Today was our first hard frost on the golf course. The definition of frost is "The solid deposition of water vapor from saturated air. It is formed when solid surfaces are cooled to below the dew point of the adjacent air." We typically see frost in the Colorado front range from September to May and some times even in June. When we have a frost delay on the course the time delay can be from one to two hours depending on the sun and cloud cover. The reason we have to keep golfers and equipment off the grass is because the grass blade actually freezes. Since grass is mostly water the cells inside the plant freeze and if steeped on or driven on the cells actually break causing footprint or tire tracks that you some times see in the fall. So for all you golfers out their stay off frosty grass. One way to tell if it is ok to walk on the grass is if you drag you hand over the grass and you hand comes up dry the frost is still present, stay off. If you hand comes up wet the frost is melting.