Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How hot is it?

Its so hot our greens mowers are overheating at  8 am in the morning!  We actually had to pour cold water over the fuel pumps numerous times because the engine was not getting fuel because of vapor lock.  With this type of heat we try to do all our mowing and hard labor before 10am, after ten it is just to hot to operate equipment. This benefit is not only for the turf but the equipment and the operator.  When the weather gets this hot for consecutive days cool season turf types just shut down and go in to a dormant state, conserving water to the crown of the plant (survival mode). We are basically in the same survival mode just keep the turf alive until it cools down and we receive some rain.

This marks the 5th day in a row over 100 degrees in Denver and the 5th record breaking day of heat. Below are some stats on the recent weather. Thankfully we have not seen 105 degrees here at the Pinery but we have been pushing 100 + low humidity and windy since  Friday the 22nd and no rain since the 6th of June.

Denver's record breaking weather
June 22nd    102
June 23rd    104
June 24th     102
June 25th     105
June 26th     105

The 105 degrees is the all time high for Denver and it has only been reached four times since records were kept back in 1873.