Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Golden Egg?

Every year new  technology is developed for golf course turf but is there a Golden Egg?  Lots of folks thought that Xeonerate could  be that type of product, could it be that easy.  I don't think so.  Xonerate is one of  the newest chemicals on the market it is primarily used for Poa Annua control or elimination on Golf turf.  This chemical has had  success in turf trials in most of the country.  But of lately story's have arisen of  stress or death to the desired species of turf?  I am still very excited about this new product  for Poa control and I am still going to do my own test trials but I will  tread lightly.  If  there is ever a so called "Golden Egg" product developed for Golf Course Superintendents  what courses are going to be able to afford it?   And what then will set us apart making us individuals?