Tuesday, June 19, 2012

50 Year Storm?

Well it has almost been two weeks since our historic storm here at the Pinery on June 6th 2012.
We received large amounts of rain and hail in the amounts of 3.25 inches up to 3.9 inches of rain in two hours,  and hail covering the entire course in some places up to four feet deep. The size of the hail ranged from pea size to quarter size. Luckily most of the damage was to bunkers and plant life. The greens and most turf made it out OK. The course is now back to normal thanks to our hard working crew. Thanks Guys!!

# 14 fairway bunker yes that is all hail no sand left at all.

Whats left of our annual flowers.

# 5 Green side Mountain course.

One of the large Hail stones.

Removing the hail off of #10 green 
So we can get to work mowing and rolling them

The new lake in front of the Driving range tee up to 5 feet deep 
We had three of these on the range landing area


Trying to find the clogged drain in front of the driving range tee