Friday, March 19, 2010

Wildflower Plantings

With the upcoming snow storm we took advantage of the planed moisture and planted all of our wildflower seed this week. We planted close to 75 pounds of seed and covered more than 80,000 sq feet at various rates from 1lb/m to 1.5lb/m depending on the area. To apply the seed we mix it in with a ground brand product from a local farm & feed store. The brand is a great carrier for the seed since we apply it at such low rates over a large area. When we pick a area to seed we measure out the total square foot we want wildflowers and weigh out the appropriate amount of seed to apply. Then we thoroughly mix the seed with the brand and use a broadcast spreader to apply the seed. Once the seed is down we rake or till in the seed making sure to get good seed soil contact. Now we just wait for the moisture and some warmer weather to promote germination. As of now it looks like our timing was spot on we are expecting 7-12 inches of snow and warmer weather after the snow passes. Lets just cross our fingers for the perfect conditions for some more wildflowers.

The seed mixed with brand

Applying the seed

Raking in the seed

Some good seed soil contact