Friday, March 5, 2010

The Big Melt

This last week we have had a ton of melting going on. With temp's in the mid to upper 50's there isn't much snow left on the course. We do however still have some areas with significant snow cover, mostly our northern exposures. Some of these areas have over 15 inches of snow that has build up over the winter. With the warm weather this week we had the opportunity to remove the snow since it had softened. Over the winter we have been monitoring these areas for ice cover and any turf damage due to the extended snow cover. Fortunately we never saw any ice or turf damage, but it is now time to start pulling off the snow. With the turf peeking through the melting has rapidly increased, some areas have little or no cover now. And so far the turf underneath looks very healthy.

Sand Pro with modified ATV plow

#5 Mountain course

Most of the areas in this picture had 8 to 15 inches
of snow cover over the winter.

Close up of the fairway

This was after 15 inches of snow was removed.
Once we removed most of the snow the melting increased.