Thursday, January 28, 2010

Preventative Maintenance

I always get asked what do you do over the winter? Well here is the answer. During the winter months we perform many maintenance practices on and off the course. The single largest practice is our PM (preventive maintenance) program. We perform PM on all of our large equipment, small tools, amenities and small equipment. The reason we do PM in the winter is simply preparing everything for summer. With our large and small equipment our mechanic looks over the machine like it's getting a physical. He takes a good look inside and out and references notes taken earlier in the summer for items that need to be addressed for that particular piece of equipment. Once the machine has had a extensive look through it's time to get to work. Below is a small list of a typical PM program on a fairway mower.

- Steam clean dirt, oil and grease off
- Wax body
- Grease all fittings
- Oil change if needed
- Sharpen cutting reels
- Replace bed knives
- Check cutting heights
- Inspect electrical components and wiring
- Inspect hydraulic cylinders
- Inspect hydraulic hoses and fittings
- Inspect or change air filters
- Inspect or change hydraulic hoses
- Inspect tires and tread
- Inspect any external damage
- Inspect or change seals or bearings
- Repair or replace items as needed

Working on a fairway reel
prepping for grinding

Working on small equipment

The other PM we perform is on all of our small tools, club and course amenities. We basically clean, repair, paint, varnish and stain all of the amenities and small tools, so come summer they all look like and feel brand new. These preventive maintenance practices not only protect our investment but it keeps us very busy all winter.

Wet sanding ball washers
prepping for paint

Working on small tools