Monday, January 11, 2010

Preventive Pump Maintenance

With the irrigation system shut down for the season and the course covered in snow it time to start our preventive maintenance on the pump station and injection equipment. We have two types of injectors. One type is a simple diaphragm pump that allows us to pump liquid fertilizer or any other type of liquid chemicals. The other pump is a hydro cell diaphragm pump that allows us to inject various types of material from very viscous liquids, material in suspension or material in solution. This includes such amendments as potassium sulfate, calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, Iron sulfate, manganese sulfate and many different soluble fertilizers. The single diaphragm pump can pump 2 to 50 gal per irrigation cycle while the hydro cell pump can inject 10 to 1000 gal in one irrigation cycle. The nice thing about the hydro cell pump is that we can apply a large amount of material on the course in a small amount of time. So we can custom mix the 1000 gal tank for each irrigation cycle, different weather patterns , amount of play and turf stress. With this tool we can monitor the turf and make changes to our amendments on a daily basis.