Monday, May 4, 2015

Arrival of the Bees !

Our Italian Honey bees and Queen arrived today for the Pinery Pollinators. 
We had a successful bee release into the new hive on Saturday evening. Below are some pictures of the event.  Keep checking the blog for some video. 

Signs mark the area where the hive is placed. 
East of #3 mountain and west of  #4 mountain green 

A 3 pound box of bees with Queen . About 10,000  honey bees!  
From Apis Hives in Grand Junction
Italian Honey bees are bred for there calm demeanor

Inserting  the bees in the hive.
The queen will remain in a small cage until the colony gets used to her in about 2-3 days. She will eat her way out of the small cage past a marshmallow.  

The next day from inside the hive.
Look like happy bees!