Monday, April 22, 2013

Aerification 2013

Just wanted to give our members a quick  recap on spring 2013 aerification. It can be summed up in one word SNOW.   One upside this springs aerification is the moisture we are receiving from these snow storms. So far this month we have received a foot of the white stuff. Unfortunately  is has come in smaller storms about a week apart. The cold weather in early April made us push back aerification a week to 8th. That Monday we finished all the tees and then we received 6 inches if snow, the rest of the week was lost. The next week we were going to start fairways guess what snow on that Monday after noon. Over the next 3 days we received 6 inches, that week was lost. Now here we are the 22nd of April trying fairways again? Well the day started good and we got two fairways punched, but the snow started falling around noon, with 3-7 inches in the forecast. Rest of the week lost, we will see?  The future forecast looks promising for fairways and maybe greens on the 29th?  That's spring in Colorado for you. Lets hope we can catch a break over the next few weeks.

Never Mess with Mother Nature, she will win every time.