Thursday, January 6, 2011

Geese Deterrent

Last winter we had some areas on the course that were devastated by geese. Even though we patrolled the course where they frequently visited more has to be done. This year we are trying a new goose deterrent mylar flags. Throughout previous winters we usually shoot off noise makers and have our dogs scare the geese away but the problem is we are not always out when the geese are. So what to do ? After a little research we found that mylar flags in conjunction with our current practices could do the trick. Funny though mylar is difficult to find they do not stock it at your local hardware store or fabric shop. But with some luck we found that the emergency camping blankets are made of mylar. These blankets are also cheaper and tougher than the mylar you can buy in rolls . We basically made a flag with 4 to 5 2 inch wide strips 36 inches long and attached them to a old flag stick placing the mylar flag about 6 feet off the ground. It's to early to tell if these flags will work but the mylar sure is reflective and very noisy at the same time even with a mild breeze.