Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heat It Up

Over the last few weeks we have had some timely snows and some much needed moisture so we took advantage of the poor weather by working on the inside of our pump house. The pump house was never insulated or drywalled during original construction so the new insulation and drywall will be a warm welcome addition. The reason we have to insulate the pump house is because of the cold weather that we receive in late fall and early spring. Inside the pump station there are many sensitive valves and tubes that freeze easily. When these mechanicals freeze it can send the pump station into a tailspin. The most important item is our pressure sensor. In the past this always froze during our very cold nights. The frozen sensor would fool the station, making it think we had a break because the pressure it was reading was false since it was frozen. These false reading would create a premature shut down of the pump station. This shutdown is hard on our pipes, wastes water and is just a pain in the you no what. Now with the addition of insulation and drywall all of those shutdowns will be a distant memory.

We used moisture resistant drywall on the lower four feet

Near our fertigation tank we use moisture resistant drywall
to the height of eight feet