Monday, December 7, 2009

Blow Out

Well it's the time of year we've been waiting for all summer BLOW OUT. Typically we blow out our irrigation system the first week of December. Most years we have fairly good weather but some years we have had temperature in the negative numbers, and a foot of snow on the ground. This year we caught some good weather for the first day and the next few were a little colder with temperatures in the teens, but we made it through. Over the last seven or so years we have used a 900 CFM air compressor hooked up to the pump station to blow out all 27 holes, driving range, practice areas and club irrigation. At least a day before blow out the pump station is turned off and we open all our drains in the lowest parts of the system and drain most of the water out of the main lines. The next day we run a small irrigation program to push out the rest of the water and the 2nd day we finish up head by head to make sure nothing was missed. This program for blow out has never failed and seems to be the quickest most economical way to blow out our irrigation system. Most years it only takes two days to blow out the entire system, weather dependent obviously. Now with the irrigation system off we are all wishing for timely snows and cool weather in 2010 so we do not have to charge up our frost free system.

Fine mist at a head

Last bit of water at a quick coupler

900 CFM air compressor @ 30 psi